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Mixed Martial Arts. A sporting event in which all martial arts styles are welcome to compete.
The Ultimate Fighting Championship is America's premier MMA event.
by Gabe Fauber April 28, 2005
A place of gathering where males and females engage in openly lewd and lascivious behavior under the influence of alcohol. So called because of the over exposure of female flesh present and the ubiquitous desire by the males to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Meat-markets can be easily discerned by the whorish style of dress present on the females and the abundance of white hats on the males. See The Royal and white hat.
The Rogue Hero turns into a real meat-market on Sat. nights.

Brad needs some more CK One if he's gonna score at the meat-market tonight.
by Gabe Fauber January 05, 2006
An asshole. A knee-jerk reactionary. A shaven simian among men. Easily identified by their penchant for wearing white, baseball-style hats, usually bearing logos of university sports teams or the New York Yankees. Often accesorizes with department store cologne and butter yellow polos. Can usually be spotted at frat parties, H&M, Hollister and trendy, meat-market nightclubs. While not every asshole is a white hat, every white hat is an asshole.
That white hat in the Acura just cut me off...AGAIN!!
by Gabe Fauber May 22, 2005
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