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1 definition by GP Driver

Essentially a Dodge Neon with a turbocharger bolted onto a 2.4L inline 4. Although quite quick, this trim is harassed due to the fact it is built on a Neon. Adding a large spoiler and factory body kit, muffler-less exhaust, turbo and lack of interior sound deadening makes this car both quite fast and quite absurd. This car's owners are absolutely positive it is an SRT-4, and not a Neon, even though it's plagued with many of the shitty Neon traits like rough ride (made even more rough by stiffer suspension), noisy interior, boring sounding engine and poor build quality. Either way you look at it, it's NOT an SRT-4, it's a Neon.
Owner: My SRT-4 is fast. I can pull a 13.8 second 1/4 mile.
Bystander: But it's still a Neon.
Owner: No, it's an SRT-4.
Bystander: {Shakes head}
by GP Driver July 06, 2008