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2 definitions by GOPanus

1) A conspiracy theorist convinced of his/her intellectual superiority and rightness about Obama's birth on another planet, star or galaxy far, far away and long, long ago--or anywhere as long as it's not in the U.S. (e.g., Kenya--or maybe Sirius, as in "Are you?? Really!??").

2) An ignoranus whose religion and entire life purpose just ended April 27, 2011 when the legitimate President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, II, released his legitimate, long-form birth certificate issued in Hawaii--a non-news event ridiculously treated as news by the blithering, lemming media.

3) An inbred cousin of Patrick, the retarded starfish on Spongebob Squarepants who said: "Stupid people are blissfully unaware of just how stupid they really are. (Droooooool)"

4) A stupidiot moron sponging off the Idiocracy formerly known as the United States of America, and focusing attention on something unimportant and already verified, to distract from real problems for real people.
News media: So birthers--what are you gonna do now that Obama's birth certificate is out and verifiable?

Birther 1: Hari kari!!!

Birther 2: Dunno. (drooooool)

Birther 3: Duh...I guess...uh...mmm--hold it, I have to ask my OverLord what's the next thing to worry to death like a rabid pit bull. Goin' ta get my meds now, before I start drooling...Oops--(droooooool)
by GOPanus April 29, 2011
A no-account ("nocount"), imaginary (online) place where anyone with 1/4 (a fourth, to numerologists) of a brain, a keypad and Internet connection can seek social approval (glory or fame), while attempting to provide accurate meanings for newly coined or preexisting words and phrases--usually slang and colloquial terms.

These posts are usually laced with "attitude"--a typically urban street-strutting, in-your-face, fuck-you-if-I-care way of writing, talking and shouting (IF POSTED IN ALL CAPS).

Users who post definitions may achieve a good laugh or widespread understanding of the term defined.

A pathetic few achieve mere mockery--or full-on, pee-soaked, mind-fucked embarrassment due to lack of intelligence, drunken/drugged posting or being beat on by drunk, high or FUBAR people while posting.

The worst results come from vague definitions, meandering prose posing as erudition, atrocious spelling (a troll! shush spelan), and Palinesque examples that fit like a trout wearing Spanx.
Dude 1: Whuut? I yoou dndt spal thet kerrectleee? Duuude, i aws wayyyy hi men!

Dude 2: Posed it ta erbin dikstinary. Iy was drunky to.

Dude 1: Hay whaddas SUCK rilly mean like rily i nvr got nun on my dkc.

Dude 2: Gitta dam hadn offmy nek U LLLOOOOOSER hay Put er ggogllookorp on ubann DIcktmnaary o coputer now man.

Dude 1: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ppppppppfffart

Palin: Looky, Ma! I got a teevee show about some fish and bears! It pays 12 million dollars. Gee shucks, I got a Twitter and I'm gonna post a folksy new word to the Urban Dictionary now!

"Bearicious" - it means a delicious, vicious bear I just killed with my gun and Todd ran over with his snowmobile ta make sure it's killed dead! Let's eat, kids!
by GOPanus March 30, 2011