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The result of fucktarded scene kids listening to way too much Sky Eats Airplane and consequently coming up with the brilliant idea of mixing that with horrible rap music. Generally consists of bad screams, piss poor "singing" dripping with autotune, generic beats, and more neon than Los Angeles on the 4th of July. The only thing worse than the bands themselves are their retarded scene kid fans. Examples of crunkcore bands include Brokencyde, Hollywood Undead, and Dot Dot Curve.
Intelligent Guy: What the fuck is this shit?
Dumb Scene Kid: itz brokencyde, teh c00lest crunkcore screemo shit eva!!!!1
Intelligent Guy: I don't think you know what screamo is.
Dumb Scene Kid: emo wit screamin, duh!!!11
Intelligent Guy: No dumbshit, it's bands like Orchid and Circle Takes The Square, who sound more like grindcore than the typical "Simple Plan with bad screaming" shit you kids call "screamo".
Dumb Scene Kid: duznt matta, cuz crunkcore is da fukin bom nigga!
Intelligent Guy pulls out a pistol and shoots Dumb Scene Kid, and makes the world a better place.
#shit #horrible #screamo #soulja boy #brokencyde
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK August 17, 2009
A deathcore band from New Jersey. They claim to have invented their own genre called "slamming gore groove", when really all they are is a shitty deathcore band. Their drummer cannot do gravity blasts correctly, their guitar parts are usually just CHUG CHUG and tremolo picking, and their vocalist just flat out sucks. Retarded scene kids call them grindcore; I doubt even the band themselves have heard of Napalm Death or Pig Destroyer. It's bands like Waking the Cadaver that give deathcore a bad name.
Scene kid: d00d, listen to dis br00tal grindcore i just found!!11

Joe Bob: What the fuck is this shit?

Scene kid: itz waking the cadaver!!!! this is some good grindcore!!!!1

Joe Bob: It's isn't grindcore dumbass, it's just shitty deathcore with lyrics about SHREDDED WHEAT.

Scene kid: .....

Joe Bob: That's what I thought.
#shredded wheat #br00tal #deathcore #shit #horrible
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK April 10, 2009
A shoe company that started up back in the 1960's. They make skateboarding shoes that are relatively inexpensive and are generally comfortable. Originally worn exclusively by skaters, now every fucking Hollister and Abercrombie brat has the fugly checkered slip ons because they are fucking trendwhores who buy into whatever is "in". It's kinda ironic how they went from being lyk totally gangsta G dawg wearing Nikes and listening to 50 Cent to being lyk totally punk rawker and listening to Simple Plan.

Other than the fugly slip ons, Vans makes good shoes.
This what a compliment on someone's Vans should look like:

Dudeman #1: Hey dude, I like your Vans. Half Cabs?

Dudeman #2: Yeah, I bought them at Zumiez. Really comfortable shoes.

This is how the conversations usually go:

Heather: Ohh mah gawd Becky, I lurrvvv your checkered Vans!!!!!

Becky: I know, we are like so totally punk rawker!!!!

Heather: We should, like, go listen to like, Simple Plan!!!!

Becky: Yeah!!!! And after that we'll waste our parents' money on overpriced clothing at Hollister!!!!

Heather: Like oh my gawd totally!!!!

#vans #trend #fad #preppy #trendy
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK December 25, 2008
Apparently, a country that has been blessed by God.

It's what Alabama isn't, despite the amount of people in Alabama named Cleatus who proclaim "THIS IS GOD'S COUNTRY!!!!" after drinking 20 beers and fucking their sister. If Alabama truly is "God's country", then he must have really fucked up.
Yes, because "God's country" is obviously a place full of rednecks who take a shower once a year, drink more beer in one day than the average alcoholic does in an entire week, watch NASCAR because seeing cars going around in circles at 200 miles an hour for 3 hours is REALLY EXCITING (apparently), read the entire Bible in one night, and hate black people (though they still call them niggers because they can't get over the fact that they lost the Civil War and that segregation was abolished).
#alabama #redneck #bullshit #lie #christianity
by GOD DOMMIT FRONK February 02, 2009
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