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the best band ever and the sweetest girls you could ever meet i wonder if they are lesbians though?
Master cheife: did you see them t.a.t.u girls last night?

Ulyaoth: yes there music OWENS they have the most beautiful voices i ever herd

master cheife: damn right!!
by GLA andy911 April 19, 2004
A very good song by david lee murphy.
Little Hula girls on the shot glass.
All we need's a little salt and lime.
We can plug in the hot pepper lights and pretend,
That we're livin' on Key West time.
I can run to the store an' get some charcoal,
Buy a tikki torch an' fire up the grill.
The whole town wants to know when I'm gonna grow up,
But you know I never will.

Yeah, I might be a little bit loco,
But it keeps me from losin' my mind.
Oh, but half insane, that's ok, babe,
A little bit crazy's all right.
by GLA andy911 April 27, 2004

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