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listening to mellow songs on your ipod while eating junkfood on a calm day.
Chris frescoed himself to make his train ride home less boring.
by GIOVANNI FRESCO February 23, 2009
a quick way to say "boo" (opinionated criticism of a bad performance,joke,etc.) to someone who thinks they are funny but really isn't. This will make you laugh once you say it and the person who told the bad joke will believe your laughing at/with him. It's a win-win!!
GUY1:Why did the chicken cross the road?
GUY1:Because his car broke down!HAHAHAHA!!
GUY1:Ha that was a good one funny right?
GUY2:Hee.yeah sure.hee-hee!
by GIOVANNI FRESCO February 23, 2009

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