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1. A hurricane that is so big that it strikes horror in the lives of all that are in its path.

2. A hurricane that occurred in 2012 around Halloween and nearly wiped out the entire eastern seaboard.

3. A synonym for Hurricane Sandy.

4. A post-tropical cyclone that mixes with a Nor'Easter (and a full moon) that truly earned the title "Storm Of The Century".
I was going to take the train uptown to see my girl, but the subway tunnel is underwater because of that damn horrorcane.

Hurricane just seems so inadequate; it's more like a "horrorcane".

Hurry up! We gotta evacuate the city; there's a horrorcane up our asses.

And you thought Katrina was bad? Sandy is an even bigger bitch; talk about about a horrorcane.
by Gideon's Fleece™ October 30, 2012
Bloody hot outside; a heat wave. —adjective. Pronounced: gawr-ee. Named after Vice-president Al Gore; author of "An Inconvenient Truth" and leading proponent of controversial Global Warming & Climate Change Theory.
Used in a sentence: It's hotter than hell out here; in fact, it's positively 'gorey'.
by GIDEON'S FLEECE™ August 06, 2010

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