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4 definitions by GI Jew

The turtle-like enemies that are in most of the Mario games. There are 2 different types of Koopa Troopas: ones with green shells and ones with red shells. Koopa Troopas that fly are called ParaTroopas. The first game you could play as a Koopa Troopa was in Super Mario Kart. When Mario jumps on a Koopa Troopa, his shells falls off, and you can jump on it, carry it, or have Yoshi eat it and spit it back. Easily one of the coolest Mario bad guys.
*MC Koopa has joined the game*
Someone:Yo wuzzup Koopa Troopa? *sings Mario theme song*
by GI Jew November 21, 2004
40 18
A Paratroopa is basically a Koopa Troopa, but with wings.
Mario: Oh no! The Paratroopa!
by GI Jew November 22, 2004
20 4
Marijuana. Called by the kids who live in Sierra Leone.
Me:Do you wanna go smoke some jamba after school?
Ashley:Of course man!!
by GI Jew November 16, 2004
42 32
A shitty black metal band fron Norway. After hearing them, I wanted to repeatedly shoot myself in the face, just after gouging my eyes out and eating a tin can. There was no way they deserved a spot at Ozzfest 2004, but somehow they got there. They have one of the worst screamers I have ever heard. They blew dick at Ozzfest, and now I have no respect for black metal.
Me: After just hearing Dimmu Borgir, I want to go vomit. I'm going to the bathroom.
by GI Jew November 19, 2004
40 156