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4 definitions by GDubColonial

What one says to oneself or to a companion upon seeing something perpetrated by another that is disturbing, distressing, or just plain nasty.
Person A: Oh my god ...
Person B: Dude, what is it?
Person A: There's a 300-pound girl in Daisy Dukes and a halter top across the street.
Person B: That's just wrong.
by GDubColonial September 08, 2010
An annoying and meaningless but for some unknown reason widely used expression in sports journalism and commentary. A likely corruption the much more sensible 'get on track', referring to an athlete or team playing better after a period of subpar performance.
Joe Theismann: 'On the other side of the ball, who would have thought we'd be wondering when the Colts' struggling offense will get untracked?'

Reader: 'WTF does that even mean, Joe?'
by gdubcolonial October 07, 2011
Work that needs to be done on a dissertation, keeping the writer from doing something else much more enjoyable.
Person A: Hey man, you up for the game and a few beers?

Person B: Sorry, can't do it, got dissertashit I need to do.

Person A: Sucks, too bad.
by gdubcolonial October 04, 2011
Abbreviation for 'more later,' meaning more information is to come after this particular short e-mail or text.
Gotta go, ML.
by gdubcolonial August 10, 2011