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4 definitions by GDNCM

Lowest crime rate in the U.S. and teens and people in 20's think their hard shit. Never been out of Simi Valley and think that its ghetto. Wankstas. They leave Simi Valley and get shot cause they dont know how to act. All teenagers in the town will drive to a certain place just to see a fight cause they are pussies and the cops will try to bust teenager fights cause their job has no excitement.
That beaner actin like a G left Simi the other day. He got shot for actin hard in the valley.
by GDNCM May 07, 2005
122 95
1)A mexican, white, asian, or black that thinks he is a pimp cause he talks to any girl he passes.

2)A smelly mother fucka
Look at Frank's ugly lookin ass talkin to dem girls, he is a crunchi crigga.
by GDNCM May 07, 2005
16 19
Though i dont like crunk shit, Ying Yang twins are dope as fuck.
She got her hands up on her knees and her bows on her thighs
She got the twerk and thats for certain I can tell that she fly
She got me hype, I wanna bite her right now yi yi
Say I yi yi yi yi.

The Alley-Ying Yang Twins
by GDNCM May 07, 2005
82 101
An underground rapper from Compton. True underground basement hip hop.
Watcha gon do, watcha really gon do, we got game.

by GDNCM May 07, 2005
3 34