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Garden City is basically a rich stuck up town with literally a bunch of preppy air heads who think theyre rich but theyre not. My friend is super preppy and her dad is a lawyer so that makes her kinda rich. she is such a prep i amazes me she actually passed middle school. i mean yes the high school's field was built kinda crappy and yes the school and town is big on lax. i have seen them play and they are not freakishly good. i mean the sports teams here are like "you win some, you lose some", not "you win em all, lose none". i mean have ya seen the way we dress, STUPID!!!!!!!!! I mean all the preppy girls wear crap like coach, abercrombie, hollister, and the worst is juicy. And preppy boys wear clothes like Hollister, Abercrombie, Lacoste and Polos, (which are meant for fuckin dumb asses who have no brain or no life) come on polos are ugly and stupid and no one should wear them cause theyre just another way to make people in this town seem more preppy, rich and stuck up and snobby. i mean i dont even know what juicy is. but i do know that its ugly, stupid and oh yeah POINTLESSSSSSS!!!!!!. and i mean look at our cars. yea those spoiled brats who are daddys girls and who crash thier cars for no reason just so daddy will buy them a more expensive car. and the high school seems like its falling apart yea and even though it seem =s like we have a lot of money some of us don't, even though the town looks it. And most people who live here arent even rich at all and some people dont own any expensive companies or are CEOs, NO, some people just live here and might even be in debt, so you cant judge the people who live here without even thinking about who lives here and what theyre expenses are, including the people who live here like the people on snob hill, but not everyone is like that trust me, i am like the only one who actually agrees with all of you, just not 100 percent. Like the preps yeah idiots cause no one really should care about designers and stuff. anyone who has a brain wouldn't be caught dead shopping at STUPID places like Abercrombie, Hollister, Coach, or a dumb place like Juicy. If you do, and if you live in Garden City, that just proves that your rich and that your a snob and stuck up and want to show it. cause trust me i have friends who shop at those dumb places and thats really dumb. no one with an inkling in their brain should shop there, non garedn city people i unfortunantly have to agree with you about some of this stuff.
non gc girl 1: hey did you see what that girl is wearing? it looks very expensive.

non gc girl 2: well what do you expect? were passing through garden city

non gc girl 1: oh that makes sense.

non gc boy: you know just because they live on garden city doesnt mean they are all rich.

non gc girl 1: ok he does have a point
by GC girl who has common sense July 04, 2007

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