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A term/"invention" used by Parliament and George Clinton. It is "shot" at the "funkless" and fills their being with funk and enlightenment from misguided notions.
"I'm gunna hit all of y'all with my BOP GUN!"

"Anyone who listens to Maceo Parker will have multiple wounds from the bop gun."
by GC PC August 23, 2005
Funk term used primarily by Parliament and George Clinton, meaning the music which will use funk to free minds from evil/misguided notions.
Damn, this kid don't listen to nothin but rap! Let's educate him with our funky aquaboogey! Let him be enlightened.
by GC PC August 23, 2005
Two bags, one of cocaine and the other of crack, tied together in the middle, resulting in a "boy girl". Size is irrelevant to the term.
Dealer: "Yo, what up, I got 20 bags of dope n 4 boy girls...maybe bout 2 grams! I'll hook ya up"
Innocent kid: "Quit pushing on me man! I'm just a kid with a future!"
by GC PC August 23, 2005
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