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25 definitions by GAW II

TV spelled out phonetically. Used by morons who apparently aren't aware that TV isn't a word, it's an abbreviation for the word television.
"On your paper here, you wrote "teevee". Why did you spell it that way?"
"Herp derp isn't that how it's spelled?"
"(facepalm)...No. It's just spelled TV. The letter T, then the letter V. That's it."
by GAW II September 11, 2012
55 7
Infantry grunts for the Navy.

The United States Marine Corps is part of the US Navy, despite the Marines' fervent claims to the contrary, and despite the fact their paychecks clearly state "Department of the Navy", not "USMC".

Marines serve two functions: 1) Catching bullets 2)Poking mines with a stick. When there is a battle where heavy casualties are expected, the Marines are sent in... to be grist for the mill.
Guy 1: I'm a Marine. Oohrah!
Guy 2: Oh, you're in the Navy.
Guy 1: What? Fuck you! I'm no swabbie fag! I'm a goddamn Marine!
Guy 2: I know. The Marines are part of the Navy, didn't you know that?
by GAW II May 08, 2008
283 247
1. A slang term for American Football.

2. A portmanteau of America and Football, but substituting Murica with America.
There is no such thing as "soccer". There's football and muricaball.
by GAW II April 19, 2013
38 10
A supposedly italian word that supposedly means fuck you. However it's not an italian word at all, but a bizarre bastardization of vaffanculo. This resulting slurred mashup was likely misheard from someone's drunken italian relative.
You know what buddy? Bafangool!
What? Did you mean vaffanculo? That's italian for "fuck you". "Bafangool" doesn't mean anything.
My grandad said bafangool all the time, and he was italian!
What, did he not have his teeth in or something?
by GAW II November 11, 2013
19 1