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A fancy name for Macy's, as Macy's wholly owns and operates Bloomindale's.
Come shop at Bloomingdale's. I swear we aren't Macy's!

The fact my paycheck says "Macy's" doesn't mean anything...
#macy's #department store #expensive #pretentious #snobby
by GAW II March 24, 2009
Alternative spelling of DJ, used by morons that are unaware DJ is an abbreviation of disc jockey, and for some reason believe the "word" needs to be spelled out phonetically.
Did you read about dee jay ahy em?

You mean DJ AM, you moron? Of course I have! He's a legend!
#disc jockey #dj #mc #mic controller #moron
by GAW II April 26, 2009
A type of sushi that is prepared in a way so it is more appealing to a baka gaijin.

Whitizushi are always urimaki rolls, which have rice on the outside and nori (seaweed) hidden away on the inside. This because most gaijin will refuse to knowingly eat anything containing seaweed. But what fully distinguishes whitizushi from regular urimaki is its unconventional ingredients such as avocado or american mayonnaise as well as ridiculous non-japanese names such as "California roll", "Dragon Roll" or "Spider Roll".
Baka gaijin: "I'm hungry, let's get some sushi. I feel like California rolls."
Gaikokujin: "Oh, you're a fan of whitizushi?"
Baka gaijin: "Is that what it's called?"
Gaikokujin: "...Yes! California rolls, Spider Rolls, Dragon Rolls, those are all called whitizushi."
Baka gaijin: "Wow, that's so cool! I know a Japanese word now. I'm so worldly."
#sushi #japanese #baka #gaijin #pretentious
by GAW II July 16, 2009
A diet consisting only of vegans.
With the Vegan Diet, you can help your health and the world by eating more vegans!
#vegetarian #vegan #tree hugger #food chain #carnivore
by GAW II May 16, 2008
A term that was created when someone misheard the expression prank call.

Since the debut of the show Crank Yankers, the name has stuck. This is unfortunate since "crank" call doesn't make any sense.
Person 1: Dude the other day we made a bunch of crank calls, it was hilarious!

Person 2: You made what? You mean PRANK calls, right?

Person 1: Prank call? ... Huh, I guess you're right.
#prank call #prank #joke #practical joke #shrek
by GAW II March 19, 2008
A diet and/or lifestyle that promotes not using any animal products or byproducts.

The vegan diet and lifestyle are both impossible to follow to the fullest, so most vegans tend to stop when it becomes inconvenient. For example, animal products are used to vulcanize rubber and process steel. So a true vegan would be forced to shun most anything found in an industrialized nation, notably things such as cars, buses, airplanes and bicycles. Also, the vegan diet does not and cannot supply vitamin B12, as this essential vitamin only comes from meat and dairy. So a vegan must either take vitamin supplements, (which one way or another come from an animal) give up the diet altogether, or face B12 deficiency; which can cause brain damage.

Generally, vegans tend to ignore such glaring contractions and problems, preaching that they are the moral elite; even if they happen to be wearing leather shoes.
Veganism may be well intentioned, but it's undeniably flawed.
#vegan #vegetarian #hypocrite #hypocrisy #pretentious
by GAW II May 22, 2008
A blanket. It's just a blanket.
Why do guys like us know what a duvet is? Is this necessary to our survival, in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word?
#blanket #pretentious #euphemism #haughty #martha stewart
by GAW II March 09, 2008
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