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Saint Mary's is a school wher you have a good time and meet friends for the rest of your life. Now some may say that all of the girls that go here are rich and are sluts. I admit there are some sluts and the girls here are deffinatly not poor and lots of the girls have sex....a lot but, in SMS's deffense some of the girls here are actually nice and just because you own a brand name of jeans doesn't make you a snob!! Have you all ever seen the inside world? I have infact i'm in it right now!! There are gothics, punks, outcasts, and just plain fun girls! Most the teachers are funny and great, it's a normal school with differnt groups of people. Here girls can dress down and i wear sweat pants and a t-shirt to school. Even though the day students don't have quite the connection to other students as boarding students do they are included too........ Boarding here has brought me closer to people and shown me the side of them that i wouldn't have know. I've learned to be a more open person thanks to SMS but even with all of this i'm still not coming back next year so BYEBYE SMS!!! p.s. it gets kind of lonley with out boys i can't even look a guy in the eye now!!!
"if you go to SMS you could be walking down the street and someone hugs you from behind you know to say 'So you go to St. Mary's to?'"
by GABBERS!! May 08, 2005

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