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2 definitions by GA SpecOps

Pure Pwnage Gamer Army; an ARG
<ManicIntoxicant> so what to you think will with the PPGA?
<Skree> idk, right now I'm working on a thread for spec ops noobs
by GA SpecOps May 07, 2007
3 10
"Of course! How could I have been so blind!"
Usually used to express when someone in the PPGA has found info on the mission at hand which proves to be false.

The term originated when a couple A9 operatives were trying to figure out a a series of numbers, and got the letters "IZGIZZIS" out of it. Those letters turned out to be IZGIZZIS. Got it?
<DrToker> you think Dave will come back in s2?
<Brenner> izgizzis
by GA SpecOps May 07, 2007
17 25