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A place where hipster d-bags like to go when they're completely shit faced drunk, and like to ask the quiet stoners what number they have, and insinuate that I'll just talk to you because you're drunk. Often times this will lead to hostility from both ends, but all the while, the stoners just bite their tongue and eat the food, while the drunks ask strangers questions such as "What's the matter, you don't like talking to me?" or "What's the matter, did you just get out of work?". This follows the modest stoners waiting in line for a godam breakfast sandwich and a hashbrown for 45 million years because the rest of the backwards hat ego maniacs ordered 7 course meals and not being grateful that the Sheetz employees are sweating balls and into your food. The stoners leave and never go back there. The drunks look for the stoners to beat them up, but they are gone already so they don't know what else to do because they haven't a life.
Hipster D-bag "What number do you have, brah?!"

Complete stranger to Hipster D-bag "...........you are why I don't come to Sheetz"
by G13 Mcgee April 26, 2009

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