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Member of a whorority. Sorority member of "loose morals".
A sorostitute lives in a whorority house.
by G. Sherman August 22, 2003
Term used in the place of the actual name of an object when the name slips your mind. Similar meaning to "do-dad", "whatchamacalit", or "thingy".
Hey, can you hand me the chingus? No not the red chingus, the blue one.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
Term used to label a sorority with "loose morals".
She lives in the whorority house.
by G. Sherman August 22, 2003
The unattractive girl that a hot girl keeps around to make herself and her friends look better. Stands for "Dumb Ugly Fat Friend". THe DUFF tends to be a cockblock or a third wheel. See also "Grenade".
Why do I always get stuck with the DUFF?
by G. Sherman August 11, 2003
A modified version of the Emeril. To ejaculate semen into the palm of your hand and hold it in front of a sleeping person's face while yelling "BAM!" thus making them spring up into it.
The bitch wouldn't wake up, so I set off the Lagasse alarm.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
When the foam, or "head", of a beer shoots at you upon opening it.
My beer just had a beergasm.
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
Guy code for referring to a girl under the age of eighteen. Can be either mentioned verbally or simply shown by making the motion of tugging on backpack straps on your shoulder.
That girl is hot, too bad she's a backpack.
by G. Sherman August 22, 2003

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