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A black girls BooBies which are most often than not bigger than white girls BooBies.

But the word is more than often shouted than said, because you are proud of it. (an example which will make sense will be below)

It can also be said for practically anything, for example, instead of saying "word", "no way" or "really" you could slip that word in there but the trick is to keep a straight face. (after a while, it gets more and more funny)
.......as seen on tv
Scott: "Hey Nathan, what you gunna do today?"

Nathan: "Im gunna get my self some NIGGA TITTIES"

*and then he acts to as if he was moterboating the niggatitties, and then acts as if he has a niggatittie in his hand and hes licking the nigganip*

Example 2:

James: "Where were you last night George?"

George: "Guess what, i got laid"

by G. Potter August 20, 2009
A internet website which allows most people to write what they know about a certain subject to help save people in schools and colleges around the world, whether the subject is about Hittler or its about how long it takes toe nails to grow from the bottom to the top (twice as long as your finger nails and its 2 months). Wikipedia is just like the urban dictionary but there can be a page about almost anything with pictures and links. Oh and best of all, all of this infomation is free (:

Wikipedia (What I Know Is) pedia

......thats what "Wiki" stands for
"Mr. Smith, i was looking all over the internet to do this homework but i couldnt find one website that had who is the lead singer in Metro Station."

"Little Timmy son, you didnt look on Wikipedia did you? Now run along so i can eat my apple"
by G. Potter August 20, 2009

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