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A long time, usually defining how late
someone might stay up at night or out at bars, nightclubs, discos etc.

The origin of the phrase goes back to
a time when people were familiar with the time cows came home
(in the very early morning... 4 - 5 a.m.) because they wanted to be milked.
Person 1: We are going to go out to night!

Person 2: Really? how long?

Person 1: We are staying out until the cows come home!
by G. Canis March 23, 2004
Term used in Britain to refer to a person of wealth who has no class.
Frequently this refers to someone who is opulent in display of wealth and unaware of their excess.
synonym: bourgeois
Oh my goodness! Can you believe the amount of jewelry that person is wearing? What an oiker!
by G. Canis March 22, 2004

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