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A person whom frequently gobbles the cock. Can also describe a goblet quite literally filled with cock.
"Holmes, your bi-atch loves the man-meat fo' sho'"
"True dat bruvva, she's a real cock goblet"
by G. Bastard Zutron February 23, 2009
Originally 'Diddely Way', a street in Llanfairfechan, North Wales, the name was adopted as a war cry by an ancient Essex tribe, namely the 'Myland Massif' circa AD 2004. It should ideally be shouted, whilst under the influence of alcohol at passers-by, inanimate objects and each other. It roughly translates into English as 'I am the bearer of the fork, but not the broth'. May also be said 'diddely-wayooo' depending on the time of day.
"Let us galavant freely in this field, whilst consuming cheap cider and the budget alternative to WKD"
"To that, good sir, I say diddely-wayyyyo"
by G. Bastard Zutron February 22, 2009
The art of laughing out loud, whilst wearing a pair of rollerskates. Can be in motion or static, either way, you're still lolzorskating.
"By george Montgomery, I do find that racist joke you told me rather amusing"
"Quite Winston, quite"
"One might say, as I am currently rollerskating, that I have my lolzorskates on"
by G. Bastard Zutron February 22, 2009

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