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Meaning for sure, yes or okay.

Also known as "fo shizzel" or "fo shizzy".
He's getting it tonight... fo shiz.
by G Lish April 23, 2005
Street name for the prescription drug Xanax.
I' almost out of my xaney, I need to call Bebout for a refill.

Yo mange, hook it up with a xaney before I freak the fuck out.

I'm stressing, I need a xaney.

Dude, just pop a xaney and in 15 you'll be cool.
by G Lish April 23, 2005
A combination of swag and hydro; smoked in the serious situation when one is getting low on the good shit and is trying to conserve.
Dude Gelfer, that hippie hybrid got my head high.
by G Lish April 23, 2005
a chemical cocktail of xanax and muscle relaxers, used in conjuction to relax one's mind and body.
I couldn't sleep last night so I did some chemical yoga and it put my ass down.

I did chemical yoga, so I can't exactly move at the moment.
by G Lish April 23, 2005
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