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2 definitions by Fwannnnnnny

Girl Power
'Mama i love you, mama i care'

.....oh how i miss them *sigh*
by Fwannnnnnny February 23, 2004
People who spk lyk dis cos it iz well sound innit...*shudders*.
Also many other ways to describe them but can't be bothhhherd
Townie 1: Origggghhhhh
Townie 2: Orrriiggghhh
Townie 1: Owz u
Townie 2: 'righhhht u?
...a few minutes later...(Townies 1 and 2 walk past some poeple who don't dress the ame as them in their matching hoodys and trakky bottoms. The people look at them...)
Townie 1: Oi, Youu startinnn'?
People look..and reply 'no..why'?
Townie 2: YER MUMMM (for no apparent reason
by Fwannnnnnny February 23, 2004