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9 definitions by Futureghst (MJC)

A person who's swagger is MUCH bigger than their junk..
He played her like a fiddle, got her in bed and she laughed at his shorthorned dribbler. He was hung like an angry gerbil.
by Futureghst (MJC) April 26, 2012
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A person with little to no knowledge on any subject including his or her own name. Someone who has very little function when it comes to topics concerning the use of the brain.
I was astonished at the level of nothingness going on in this persons head.. Clearly a flatbean..
by futureghst (MJC) January 15, 2013
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Any man, boy, guy, dude, prick, bitch, high horse princess from Canada who thinks his/her shit doesn't stink.
I met a guy/girl from Canada who immediately began to tell me how much better it is to be Canadian.. I say no, you are a Canadouche.
by futureghst (MJC) July 17, 2012
7 1
When a country is run by women only, a place where there are no "Penis" shaped emblems... No war, and shoes are the new currency.
In 2012 the governwoment took to cleaning up the country and erasing homelessness and joblessness by turning all those unfortunate souls into Masseurs and nail techs.
by futureghst (MJC) February 22, 2012
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Any use of a non-sexual device for the purpose of female masturbation. Any gadget that could be used to stimulate the vagina that is not considered sexual in nature...
I found a sweet vadget to masturbate with.
by Futureghst (MJC) March 11, 2011
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One who shops with her/his own needs in mind.

One who believes what he/she owns defines them.
I'm all about me and nobody else when I shop, it's a philoshopical experience.
by futureghst (MJC) June 18, 2012
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A high energy liquor infused cocktail for women who are ovulating... 1 part each of vodka..4 loco/Blast, pineapple juice and midori with a few drops of chambord.
Bartender! an Ovul-tine (Ovul-tini) please..
by Futureghst (MJC) July 29, 2013
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