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In reference to the U.S. Army: A branch of the U.S. military that specializes in ground combat involving infantry and armor units, though does use marine vessels and various air-crafts. They also employ airborne troopers such as the 75th Rangers. Enlistment offers many benefits such as the G.I. Bill, various opportunities to learn important skills for careers, a sense of patriotic pride, etc. Despite the many disputes concerning which branch of the U.S. military is "better", one must realize that all branches are cogs in a machine, and without one, the others could function to their full potential... Except for the National Guard, fuck those pussies.
Me: So I've finally enlisted in the Army.

Friend A: Nice! I just joined the Air Force, so if you need a strafing run, just call.

Friend B: I got accepted into the Naval Academy.

Me: Damn man, good job. Now then, if only we had a friend in the Marine Corps. We would have every branch covered.

Friend A: What about the National Guard?

Me: What about those pussies?

All start laughing.
by Future Army Calv Scout June 27, 2011
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