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A robot from the Megaman X series with un uncanny resemblence to Boba Fett. Has been blown to pieces three times so far, in X1, X3, and X8.
"I will haunt you until the day you die..."
Vile's last words in Megaman X3
by Fusiondragon2099 February 01, 2005
Real name is Andrew Dickman. Flash artist. Created the Wily Show, Wily Shorts, and Rockman Neo, which are Megaman-related shorts. Has a lot of sketches.
Dark Napalm created sweet movies.
by FusionDragon2099 June 29, 2004
Way too close too the truth.
That guy was dragged off to Guantanamo Bay after writing his conspiracy theory
by FusionDragon2099 July 18, 2004
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