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2 definitions by Funktown Massacre

An attractive and curvaceous female who, while clearly doesn't work out every day, looks better for it.
Dan: Check out that hardbody over by the stop sign.

Joe: Actually I'd prefer her softbody friend as she would jiggle lightly when spanked, and who would bounce while riding me.
by Funktown Massacre January 19, 2009
A smoking hot, curvaceous woman who has a little weight to her while remaining completely doable, being usually more so.
Not quite a hardbody, more of a tasty softbody, with rounded hips, and breasts.
Kate winslet sometimes
Scarlett Johansson in Match Point

Dan: Saw match Point last night, man did that suck. Even the title was based around the faulty premise that in a game of tennis it can come down to a single point which could throw the game either way. Has Woody Allen even heard of deuce and advantage?

Joe: You raise a valid point, but Johansson is totally squimley in that flick.
by Funktown Massacre January 19, 2009