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The almighty one, The best name in the world. Also refer to: Pimp

Often Racist and outspoken they like to diss the jigaboos

The best man alive.
Steve:"Man, I wish my name was Nathan"
Kholed:"I know yeah, he gets all the girls"
Steve:"You just like men."

Nathan:"Hey steve!"
Steve:"Hey beautiful! I mean err..."

Nathan:"Hey alex, mellad, peter, ben and michael check out that jigaboo!"
All:"HAHAHA lets diss that Jigaboo!"
Alex:"Yo jigaboo your mum so black that... umm nathan finish this!"
Nathan:"She so black, That when she go out at night, She blend in with the sky!"
Mellad:"owned nigga!"
by Fully sick spoofman September 03, 2008

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