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3 definitions by Full Nondisclosure

The state of the orange after the juice is removed.
Fresh-squozen orange juice is delish.
by Full Nondisclosure May 09, 2007
1. A series of antiquated historical markers posted along federally and state maintained roads and highways displaying speeds commonly traveled in those places during the 1950’s.

2. Posted warnings suggesting minimum safe traveling speeds on United States interstate highways.

3. A single “local” sign with unusually small print posting a shockingly low limit. Used by small towns to supplement income, this sign is typically placed precisely at the town limit behind a large bush or other larger sign as a “speed transition point” on rural highways of much higher speed. (to find the secret speed limit sign, look roadside for the projecting front end of the police cruiser pointed in the direction you are currently traveling)

--Speed limit signs are still in black and white as there have been no real reasons to bother updating them to color since most people no longer use them.
A> "Did you see the speed limit sign just now, it said 55 miles per hour"

B> "If we ACTUALLY GO 55mph on the Beltway we will get KILLED."
by Full Nondisclosure October 03, 2006
Common misspelling of "Kowai" which means scary/creepy. Most certainly caused by familiarity with words like "Kawaii" which means cute, or "Hawaii" which means Hawaii.
buttwuvbunny9878: OMG minimoni is sooooo kowaii!!!!
kirkspockballschips: i agree tsuji nozomi scares the hell out of me
buttwuvbunny9878: ??
by Full Nondisclosure October 03, 2006