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boobs on a man, also pronounced "m'noobs".
AAHAHA hey dude you've got m'noobs AAHAHA
by Fugerko.? November 18, 2003
1) N. One who attempts to acheive a status, look or appeal which they do not have the traits to posess. Also could be someone posing as something that they are not, for reasons known or unknown.

2)High-school label. Used as a degrading term toward the sort of people who wear pyramid belts etc. but giggle a lot. However, the label is equally immature.

3)The word that the misspelling "poser" came from, the reason for which being undecided but either
a) George Bush didn't like the fact that "poseur" sounded French, or
b) some moron couldn't spell and it spread.
Sorry, I can't think of an example but you all know what I mean. If you don't, please just look at other examples.
by Fugerko.? December 23, 2003
"Yes ma'am," common southern slang. It's a term of respect to a woman, usually older than the speaker.
"Go kill yourself, you stupid fuck."
by Fugerko.? November 22, 2003
The #1 hip-hop single by Coach Z, now available on the Strong Bad CD at the Homestarrunner.com store.
"...and if you're tryin' to fade me then you must smoke crack!"
by Fugerko.? November 23, 2003
To have a squirrel protruding from one's arm, in the place where one's hand generally resides.
Some people are squirrel-handed. Gregor is a weird name.
Everyone is different. No two people are not on fire.
by Fugerko.? December 30, 2003
1) the most common typo for "the"

2) "the," but usually used as slang when following it up with something stupid.

2) "george bush is teh coolest president evur... yeh me no shtoopid"
by Fugerko.? December 15, 2003
1. career-to have one's career success increase exponentially in a short time
2. bathroom-to extremely forcefully expulse log or vom.
3. regular-to cause an object to explode
4. regular-to inflate something
5. adj.-something inflatable
1. When Less than Jake made their album Pezcore, they blew up pretty fast.
2. I sprinted to the bathroom and hardly had sat down when I blew up.
4/5. He blew up his blow-up doll.
by Fugerko.? December 26, 2003
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