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You lay flat on your back and have one of your sisters sit on your penis and another sister sit on your face. They must be facing each other to qualify as an Alabama Seesaw. If the sister on your penis is riding reverse cowboy, it is then called a Texas Teeter-Totter. Women must be your sisters.
Steve went home for his family reunion in Maryland and ended up as an Alabama Seesaw.
by Fudgie McGee June 06, 2011
The act of gorging on apple cores, pizza crust, cat food and spam. Then drink two bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 and or Thunderbird. As soon as all items have been consumed, start eating your girlfriends vagina until you vomit inside of her vagina.
Albert caught his girlfriend cheating and decided he would clean out her whore pussy with a Hobo Douche.
by Fudgie Mcgee June 08, 2011
The part of an unattractive man's psyche that makes him think he is attractive to women. The Imvagination is only active in strip clubs, whore houses, Hooters and the Phillipines. The Imvagination is harmless unless it transforms into arrogance. If this happens the man will become a sad douche bag. The only cure for this transformation is as follows:
1) Remove man from Asia, whore house, Hooters or strip club.

2) Grab his double chin and punch him in his bald spot several times.
We all knew Delbert's Imvagination was out of control when he said," I think that stripper really liked me. She kept coming back to my section in sniffer's row!!"
by Fudgie McGee June 08, 2011

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