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A Pikey shower is the slang term of when someone uses excessive ammounts of linx or other deodorant sprays as a substitute for a propper shower or bath.

This phrase is mostly used in England.

The name derrives from the popular beleif (fact) that pikeys (gypsies, travelers, eastern europeans mainly romanians) are thilthy animals and cant be bothered to wash propperly and so they do this to cover up their stench and thus create the impression that they are clean. But this almost never works because the smell of the spray mixed with the BO makes a worst smell.
This practise is common with students and it is also used to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke or smoke in general.
Someone wakes up in the morning gets dressed, they cover themselves in spray and go to work/school/dole office. They have just had a Pikey Shower.
by Fudgeloopkoi November 01, 2009
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