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3 definitions by Fuddles the Gatekeeper

when you get a boob job from a chick when she's laying down and just as you're about to ejaculate, hold your penis in one hand and go toaster streudal style on her bare stomach.
Vunerable ladies fear the infamous chicago street sweeper!
by Fuddles the Gatekeeper July 02, 2010
It be somethin' you wish.

Kinky fish/human coitus.
If nautical nonsense be something you wish, gimp, FLOP ON THE DECK FOR IT!
by Fuddles the Gatekeeper July 26, 2010
huge silly testicles.

kudos to anthony burgess, though the direct quote came from the movie
"Yarbles. Great bolshy yarblockoes to you!" -Dim
by Fuddles the Gatekeeper July 03, 2010