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Armenians ARE white. Just because you've seen ONE picture of an Armenian on the internet with a tan-like skin color doesn't mean they're not white. Why do you think Italian males have a tan-like skin color too? It's all due to exposure from the sun. Armenian and Italian males' skin color changes to a tan color when exposed to the sun. Armenians ARE European. Don't believe the propaganda you hear or read on the internet on how we're not Europeans. People who give propaganda like that say we're one of the following: Asian, Middle Eastern or Muslim and the people who say that have no idea who we Armenians are, and have NO culture of their own. Modern day Armenia is a mountainous country, with a beautiful lake. Armenian grandmother's are heaven's angels, and overall, we're kind, honest and funny people. You can easily get along with Armenians. Ancient Armenia stretched out to the three nearby seas: Caspian, Black and Mediterranean. The two countries that hate us, Azerbaijan and Turkey, hate us because we are far more superior than them and are, by far, more advanced in everything than they are. Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide because their brain doesn't function too well.
Me: Armenia is a cool country, don't you think?
Tom: What's Armenia?
Me: Go fuck yourself...
by FuckTurkeyAndAzerbaijan March 21, 2010

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