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The usual Chav, Stands for Council House affiliated Vermin, is a person that stand outsides Mcdonalds all the time but doesn't actually have enough money to actually go in. If you don't know what a chav looks like go to your park and look for a bench, there will be a flock of the creatures. If there are females in the group, the males will make their shitty baseball caps face 90degrees skyward in some type of crude mating display and use their own language to attract a mate, using phrases like: "F***! Yur lu'in fit, bitch! Ho muuch fur da nite, blud" You will also see younger males perfomed this mating dance aswell, don't be shocked by this sight as, by the age of 11, most chavs have already had a child or an abortion.
Most chavs listen to "ganstazz" music from people that are usaully girls that show as much as flesh possible or men that talk fast about drugs, guns, booze and shooting people, which is all that stimulates a chav's mind. They all like to pretend that they are black but are also extremely racist as well.
There favourite pass-times include:

1.Listening to their "music"
2.Collecting STDs
3.Training their kids to steal from shops
4. Making fun of anyone who dosn't wear fake "designer" clothes and grunt all the time(e.g: emos greebos goths skaters etc)
5.Failing in school
Christ, I hate Chavs! They are a blight on society and if you ever see any, AVOID LIKE PLAGUE.
Why did God ever create them?
by Fuck the Chavs January 19, 2010

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