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A crazy black girl aka hoodrat that rides public transportation and tries to pick fights with other passengers. preferably senior citizens minding their own business.

which is TNB

If you see a Soulja Girl do not sit next to her. She will most likely start rapping shitty music at you then threaten to kill you at some point.

If you happen to see Soulja Girl going crazy on someone else do not try to talk some sense into her. She will get all up in your face and press charges.

Its best just sit quiet and record it with your cellphone then upload it to youtube.
Soulja Girl : Now watch me yuuuuaaaaaa! Yaaa, nigga, yaaa yaaa and I'ma beat you're ass on this train.

Random Passenger: Bitch get out of my face. (cranks dat hair weave)
by Fuck it! Do it Live! July 10, 2008

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