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A desperado is a female that meets all of these characteristics...
-low self esteem
-poor social skills
-desperate want for male affection

and usually these characteristics...
-decent looking
-high sex drive
-few close friends

but most imporatantly, a female is not a desperado unless she...
-hooks up with, fucks, or dates general tools, losers, weirdos, abusive men, assclowns, pizza faces, disproportionally younger men, disproportionally older men, men who speak a language that the desperado can't understand, comic book/anime nerds, etc...
Guy 1 "dude remember that kid back in high school that worked at 7-Eleven?"

Guy 2 "which one?"

Guy 1 "you know, the dude with the really bad acne problem, he wore that wrestlemania t-shirt every other day, smelled awful..."

Guy 2 "oh yeah that weird kid, whats his name... um, Eugene. what about him?"

Guy 1 "I saw him the other day with some really hot chick, I guess they're going out now"

Guy 2 "wow, did he change at all?"

Guy 1 "nope, same old dirty ass Eugene"

Guy 2 "wow, that girl's a desperado"
by Fuck Will Smith... I Am Legend February 02, 2008

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