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3 definitions by Fuck It And

anyone who is mexican and anyone who is mowing your lawn.
anyone who runs across the U.S. border with Mexico
"Mommy, look at that guy mowing the lawn."
"Look away, George. He's Mexican and he's an illegal immigrant, and he'll steal your ice cream if you keep looking at him."
by Fuck It And April 02, 2006
snobby, arrogant, ho's who wear the same outfit. Blonde.

popular people who ridicule and torment people of different cliques or socioeconomic backgrounds.

people whose daddies are rich.

retarded, cheerleading-jock bimbos who are stupid. people who starve themselves to make the wrestling team or to be skinny like Ally McBeal.

people who wear: Hollister, Abercrombie and Bitch, Aeropostale, and American Eagle.

People with no sense of individualilty; only listen to hit music.

people who watch MTV.
Prep 1: Lyk, oh my god, this skirtis Sooooooooooooooooo totally hot!

Prep 2: So totally! Let's go to the mall and get some lip gloss and jeans that show our thongs!

Die Preps!!!!!!!!!
by Fuck It And April 09, 2006
chicken feet, frog's heart(still beating), cats, dogs, monkeys, urine in the coke,
Ignorant White Woman"I just ate asian food."
Black Person- "Eww, you be nasty, girl."
by Fuck It And April 02, 2006