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2 definitions by Fu Bu

1. (noun) a word describing a friend/family member
2. (noun) a person who boomages others (a boomage goes boomaging)
3. (noun) a mass online multiplayer game, i.e. counterstrike (also counterboomage), halo 2 etc
4. (verb) to boomage someone, a word describing any known verb
5. (noun) a group of friends
6. a word used to replace parts of other words in conversation
1. Hey Boomage!
2. You just got fragged by a Boomage
3. Heya Boomage, wanna play some Boomage!?
4. Let's go and Boomage some noobs!!
5. The Boomage are meeting later
6. A. Heya Boomage
B. Fancy Boomaging on the Boomage?
A. Boomage
B. Shall I Boomage the rest of the Boomage?
A. Boomage, I wanna Boomage your mum.
by Fu Bu May 13, 2006
A word to be used when you are very confused.
Origins are a by-product of a fusion between 'amazingly' and 'confuddling'. Funnily enough 'confuddled' is a by-product of 'confused' and 'muddled', so therefore the emphasis on the level of confused should be understood.
A: So, I went to the swimming pool, and flew on a banana, which looked oddly like jesus and randomly occurred on a roundabout.

B: You're so amaddling sometimes
by Fu Bu March 14, 2010