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A GREAT BIG COCK!!!! Basically a frothy rocket is another way to talk about your member. Almost as if you're to the point of blowing your wad, and your rocket is frothy. Comprendez? There are many words that are similar in description such as flesh rocket its generally the same, but in some circumstances can just sound funnier using this word as it implies more than just a penis, its a gooey creamy salty snack for the poor fool receiving it.

FrothyRocket is also my gamertag on xbox live where i am always playing halo 3 and T-Bagging the shit out of anyone i can. Frothy Rocket always comes in handy, not only as my Tag, but as an insult to others who you've just brown nosed. Also for those who do not understand why we could call it T-Bagging or brown nosing in the same thought, its the simple fact that its a video game, and it could be considered either as your character cannot remove his pants and cop a squat or T-Bag as we civilized people would. its common knowledge that if someone says they're T-Bagging or brown nosing you, they are standing over your corpse crouching up and down on your face, so its up to the receiver to determine whether it is a T-Bag or a brown nose either way, i am usually the one doing so.
FrothyRocket: "Man i just whipped this guy's ass and im dropping a frothy rocket on his face."

Killphishforu: "nice, skull fuck that mofo with your frothy rocket."

Frothyrocket: "fuck yeah i did, and i even donkey punched that asshole."
by Frothy Rocket January 13, 2008

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