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2 definitions by Frosty G

injecting a drug, having a hit, having a taste,having a blast
Ever since I started using smack & speed I've preferred to bang it up. It's much more fun and ya get a better effect than ya get from snorting or smoking the stuff !
by Frosty G March 13, 2008
godgobbers who blindly following another godgobber, or a particular faith, just like flocks of sheep following a farmer !
godgobbers have an analogy about their congregations being a flock, so this is very apt use of sheepy flockerllalians
The Baulkham Hills Hillsong Church congregation, follow it's founder and multi-millionaire leader Brian Houston, like a mob of sheepy flockerllalians running after a shepherd.
by Frosty G March 15, 2008