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3 definitions by Fromie lad!

Worse than domination, when you get owned
"Shit man you got owned there"
"No, he got Frominated"
"It was complete Fromination back there"
by Fromie lad! June 13, 2008
Another way of saying knob head!!!
"Stop being such a hellewell!!!"
by Fromie Lad! November 14, 2008
To 'cup' a mans(or if your feeling really daring a womans)pectoral region. Accompanied by a high pitched squeel of the word "Cuppy". Especially enjoyable when directed at obese individuals as they have more to cup! This may result in the obese individual becoming angry (WARNING: Not responsible for any injuries sustained by the cuppying of fat, I mean rotund individuals. From the same family as the nipple cripple, and techinally assault!
Normal person: "CUPPY!" (cushioning the fat boys man-boob)
Fatty bumbum:"Go away..."(breaks down into to tears at the realisation he is a ugly hopless fat boy with no hope of suceeding in life, sexually or socially)
by Fromie lad! September 11, 2008