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A violent flying tackle/hug
I'm gonna glomp him!
Someone get an ambulance!
by Freya the Dark November 15, 2006
1. The state of tiredness when you begin to fall asleep doing an activity, ie. surfing the net, studying, etc.

2. Similar to the Hawaiian 'da kine', brile can mean anything the speaker wishes it to.

3. Also used to express extreme tiredness
The origination: Geeez. I just looked at the vlock and shook his head, rease's he'se used to next, only brile up a little.

"Man, I'm so brile, I need to go take a nap."

"I was up so late IMing, I was falling asleep while typing!" "Wow you were pretty brile!"
by Freya the Dark January 08, 2010
A combination of Angeal and Sephiroth of Final Fantasy 7, used to describe that particular pairing.
Angealroth makes me squeal from how perfect they are!
by Freya the Dark July 08, 2009
1. The act of being pwned.
2. An expression similar to cool or awesome.
(About a new game)
Dude! Pwnage!

(When someone is being beaten)
Ooh, major pwnage...
by Freya the Dark November 15, 2006

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