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1. A two-parted term derived from "My Friend." Usually used on very close friends or on friends who can't be replaced with other friends.

2. One and only official vocabulary in "Ma" dictionary. Used on all kinds of occasions. Can be used on greeting each other, or rebuking, on exclamatory purpose.
1. I was hanging out with "Ma Frens" this weekend in Ontario Mills.

2. a. "Maaaaaaaaaa Fren!!" with very long "ah" sound on "Ma" to greet one another

b. "Ma Fren!!" with a high pitch on "ah" sound on "Ma" and an emphasis on "re" sound on "Fren" to rebuke one for

something going wrong.

c. "Ma Fren!!" with a high pitch and emphasis on "ah" sound on "Ma" and little sustaining on "re" sound on "Fren" to express an exclamation.
by Fren of Mah Fren October 31, 2011
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