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TV's number one scene stealer.
Actors: Hey we were doing a scene!
Neil Patrick Harris: Too bad, it's mine baby!!!
by Freezing the Mainstream July 17, 2006
In a movie, when the music is syncronized perfectly with the action, just like a mickey mouse cartoon.
Mickey mousing is used in the shower scene of Psycho
by Freezing the Mainstream July 18, 2006
An adjective describing the insane mannerisms and guitar stylings of Kerry King.
Ex 1:
Guy one: Did you hear the new Slayer album?
Guy two: Yeah dude, it was kerrazy!!

Ex 2:
Guy three: I have no idea how to write decent guitar solos
Guy four: Just take your pick and go kerrazy!

Ex 3:
Guy five: Kerry King's solos sound like shit
Guy six: If he heard you say that, he would rip your head off, then go kerrazy on your mom... and possibly your grandmother for good measure
by Freezing the Mainstream July 17, 2006
A euphenism for "pinch harmonic", a guitar technique overused by the band Symphony X.
There is Symphony X-ing in the chorus riff of the song Cemetary Gates by Pantera.
by Freezing the Mainstream July 17, 2006
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