2 definitions by Freeballing Nate

A guy who never ever wears underwear, they have made Freeballing a Lifestyle choice. They have overcome the popular lifestyle of wearing underwear every day. to Never wearing it again, no matter what the place or the time.
"Nathaniel hates underwear, therefore he has chosen to become a Full Time Freeballer and never wear underwear again"
by Freeballing Nate May 30, 2007
Something some people who started freeballing in high school probably did, this is only practiced by people who are devoted freeballers and have no shame for their body and are most likely Full Time Freeballer

they have been freeballing full-time for so long that going back to any type of underwear seems absolutely crazy to them. They have given up on underwear all together, and will never go back....
Nathaniel Loves PE Freeballing, and his self confidence is pretty high, and he especially loves running for PE, with his junk flapping in the wind...
by Freeballing Nate September 10, 2007

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