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A small-minded, redneck community that rejects new ideas, and encourages drinking beer, "ridin' them dirtbikes an' atv's", and a combination of both. Most girls and guys stay in the area after high school and pop out some children, or are arrested numerous times for meth related incidents.
It gets hot as hell in the summer and cold, cold, cold in the winter.
The city council has a small number of individuals who seek to open the minds of the rest, but alas, those individuals are treated poorly; just like those who once tried to convince the world that the earth is, indeed, round.
Atascadero is known for the State Hospital where the criminally insane are held. It's also known for a place to stop and get gas on your way THROUGH it.
Even though Atascadero is almost always at a drought level, the town wants to keep putting in new golf courses. Apparently these genuises atteneded Atascadero High School and received, or maybe not, a diploma.
Advice: Move far away from here. I did, and it's been an eye-opening experience.
"Where are you from?"

"Well, it's a little place near San Luis Obispo...you wouldn't know it."


"Um, Atascadero...."

"Oh. Hmm. Uh, yeah, I think I got lost one time in that area and turned around there."

by FreeFromATown April 19, 2009

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