11 definitions by Fredo

piece of furniture used in america to house bowling trophies and Elvis collectibles.
by fredo October 22, 2003
elusive flying machines thought to be piloted by extraterrestrials and generally confined in their earthly encounters to areas where the National Enquirer is considered a literary magazine.
well ye haw, look at that flying thingamajig in the sky ma!
by fredo October 22, 2003
self-mutilation as a fashion statement among nonconforming young people who crave peer acceptance. a practice generally frowned upon by concerned parents who used to gain their own peer acceptance by taking hallucinogenic drugs and plotting to blow up the pentagon.
i'm such a rebel. i'm going to get pierced to show how unique i am
by fredo October 22, 2003
Someone who plays hard every time, playing through injuries or great mental anguish.
Steve McNair plays through injuries all the time; he's a gamer.
by Fredo February 22, 2005

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