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Responsibility = Guarantee and protect future prosperity for yourself and the next generation.

Prosperity is individually different and therefore a generation cannot fully guarantee and protect the next generation's prosperity.
A conflict of interest arises between the two generations. The conflict is solved by the death of the previous generation (natural or not)
which ensure that the future generation can manipulate their own prosperity more effective.This in turn maximizes the potential rate of evolution.
Responsibility is a basic evolutionary instinct but it can be defied due to intelligence,ineffective natural selection or defect DNA.
This is why intelligent people can be as irresponsible as your average idiot descending from
Ineffective natural selection or as irresponisble as the average defective inbreed local trash in your town.

With this in mind i hope you will be more responsible whoever you are.
by Fredliiik November 27, 2010

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