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4 definitions by Frederikson c304

the sliding of one's whole hand into another's anus
I walked into Bob's room and he was anal fisting his girlfriend
by Frederikson c304 January 30, 2006
an expression, usually loud with a great amount of passion, that can represent joy, anger and anything in between
"Fucking tits! She wants to bang me!"

"I just got an F on my final...fucking tits!"
by Frederikson c304 January 30, 2006
the best delivery food you will ever have while intoxicated, whether it be pizza, subs or cheesy bread
yo, after the party lets order the tasty goodness of chanellos!
by frederikson c304 March 02, 2006
the act of being rediculously drunk; the remaining moments of conciousness before passing out
Friend "Hey, are you drunk?!"
You "Nahhh, I was drunk an hour ago. Now I'm picking cotton"

by Frederikson c304 January 29, 2006